Oaks College

Your Home Away From Home

John 14:22: “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.”

Oaks College is a great place for college students to find biblical community from all over the world.

At Church at the Oaks, college students are engrained in every aspect of our church: whether its worship, serving, giving, or going, we do this together.


From Lost to Laborer

Oaks College exists to help students move from unawareness of their place in the Great Commission to being an actively engaged laborer for the Gospel.

We planted our church in Tuscaloosa because we believe the college campus is the most strategic base for Gospel transformation in the entire world.

For college students, we believe the most important part of your college experience has everything to do with who you’re with and what you do. At Church at the Oaks, we want you to feel at home in Tuscaloosa by plugging you in to community, and we want to equip you to be sent out to the world ready to engage lostness with the Gospel.

With Oaks College, we will help you find your people, leverage your life for the Gospel, and know your role in the Great Commission.

Oaks College Strategy

Relational Disciple-Making

At Oaks College, we will help you “find your people”. Tribes and Huddles are the best place to find biblical community at Oaks! As we become more like Christ together, we will be burdened over lostness and will become more aware of the need for Gospel work in our city, campus, and world.


As we get to know Jesus more, He will inspire us to follow Him closer. Oaks College meets frequently for Late Nights to be inspired by the Word, changed by the Gospel, and challenged by the Great Commission.

Other annual gatherings are WellConFall Retreat, and Road Rules, which are all designed to help us know each other better, know the Great Commission, recognize God’s heart for the world, and inspire us to engage the world with the Gospel.


Oaks College will help equip students to engage lostness, commit to Gospel work, and to multiply themselves by having frequent intentional conversations, opportunities to learn evangelism strategies, and opportunities to reach our city, campus, and the world